Smoothie Remote Reservoir is universally used. Our team of mechanics can modify the mounting and combine it with Profender Smoothie Remote Reservoir shocks as well. We design and customize for many travels to suit our customers’ needs for their vehicles.

In Universal application, we have made many travels to serve our customers’ needs. Plain Bearing Ball joint is self lubricant and suited for heavy duty use or even in competitions. The hole diameter is 16mm on both ends which is very strong and match all heavy duty applications. K of Spring is calculated to match the customer’s vehicle.

Best piston provides ultimate performance that comes with high precision and super polish shaft. They are chromed and induced which adds more strength to endure all road conditions and heavy duty use.

These are made of the highest quality material that allows them provide excellent performance.100% QC tested. Aluminum components are all machined to reach   excellent tolerance.  


Description Picture Travel Ext. Length Col. Length Outter Shell
Piston Rod
MB-MO-22-K 7"


15" 52x270 20x290
MB-MO-24-K 8" 24" 16" 52x295 20x315
MB-MO-26-K 9" 26" 17" 52x320 20x340
MB-MO-28-K 9" 28" 19" 52x370 20x365
MB-MO-30-K 10" 30" 20" 52x395 20x390
MB-MO-32-K 11" 32" 21" 52x420 20x415
MB-MO-34-K 12" 34" 22" 52x445 20x440
MS-MO-22-F 7" 22" 15" 52x305 20x290
MS-MO-24-F 8" 24" 16" 52x330 20x315
MS-MO-26-F 9" 26" 17" 52x360 20x340
MS-MO-28-F 9" 28" 19" 52x385 20x365


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